Important Information & Rules : 
There is a code of conduct in place for the students studying in the college observance of which is compulsory for every student. If any student violates any provisions of the code of conduct appropriate disciplinary action will be taken against him/her. Repeated violation of the code of conduct shall render the student concerned liable for suspension/rustication or expulsion from the college.
Any candidate who has taken admission shall have to abide by the college rules and regulations, or any amendments made there in from time to time. No litigation shall therefore be tenable.

Smoking or chewing of tobacco, pan masala & possession or consumption of liquor or any other intoxicating materials/ drugs is absolutely prohibited within the college campus.

There is no place for violence within the institution. Carrying or possession or use of arms or ammunitions of any kind or type are strictly prohibited in the college.

All the students shall park their vehicles at the designated/appointed parking space. Parking at a place other than the designated place is prohibited within the college campus. Parking shall be at owner’s risk.
Loitering around the principal’s office or entering their in without the permission of the principal shall be construed as an act of indiscipline & shall entail disciplinary action or punishment.

All the forms related to the office shall be deposited at the concerned counters. Entry of the students in the office is prohibited, violation of which shall be liable for punishment.
In the event of free period or when there are no classes, the student shall observe absolute discipline, shall not make any noise, neither shall they loiter around or gather in the corridor or outside the classroom where the lecture is in progress.

It is mandatory for the students to carry their identity card daily while coming to college, in the absence of which entry to the college is restricted. Student shall not misbehave with any teacher or college staff nor shall he/she disobey their orders.

No student shall quit the class in between the lecture nor shall he/she loiter around aimlessly in the campus. Shouting, speaking loudly, aimlessly loitering in the campus or to cause disturbance will be treated as complete indiscipline and shall be liable for punishment.
Student shall not keep or maintain any contact with unwanted elements and shall not invite them or meet them in the college campus.
Students shall not stay back in the college without any reason and shall not be present in the college campus when there are no classes.

Ragging in any form is absolutely prohibited in the college & anyone found involved in any such activity will be expelled/ rusticated from the college.
Any kind of unauthorized demonstration or discourtesy to the principal, teachers & college staff members shall be treated as cross violation of discipline.
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